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Skyblue Exports

Our export service compliments Tax Free Shipping, uniquely providing clients who fly privately with a choice of ‘how’ to export their goods when departing to outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Our service offers clients full control of their purchases and enables the VAT that has been paid to be reimbursed.

How it works

SkyBlue enables private flyers to purchase goods in the U.K. paying full VAT at point of sale, taking the goods with them. Once the goods have been exported and have departed from the U.K., the VAT can be reclaimed.


Current Departure Locations

We partner with Biggin Hill, Inflite, JETEX and Liverpool XLR and can operate at all other London Stansted Private Jet Terminals. The goods need to be exported to outside the EEA.



The passenger can inform SkyBlue of purchase they intend to make in advance.  We can then create a personal shopping experience.

If the customer has already purchased goods, but has not yet left the UK, we require the following. Please note we require 48 hours’ notice prior to departure.

  1. Copy of receipt/invoice for the good purchased (dated within three months)
  2. Contact details, Departure details, including destination.
  3. Retailer details – forming part of the receipt & invoice.

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