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Our Services at a Glance

Private Jet Charter

Unlock access to the world’s largest fleet of business jets and discover uniquely personalised, truly elegant travel with Atlas’ private jet charter service. Simply select an arrival or departure destination, choose your date and time, and receive a private jet estimate – instantly.

Jet Cards

Reaping the rewards of private jet travel without the burden of ownership costs, our Jet Cards are designed for frequent flyers, inclusive of all fees (excluding de-icing) and work on a tiered, capped hourly rate model – available in Turbo Prop, Light Jet and Global Jet Card. Find an available aircraft price lower than your card rate? We’ll return the savings to you.

Helicopter Charter

Experience effortless flexibility uncommon with fixed-wing aircraft and book a helicopter charter for precision point-to-point travel. With access to a wide variety of helicopter types and operators, Atlas helicopter charters ensure the right aircraft matches your every travel need. Wherever you need to go.


From luxury hotels and villas to exclusive events and executive transport, Atlas Jet Charter’s expertise extends beyond airports and aviation. Partnering with discreet-access companies around the world, we also work with our clients to tailor their entire travel experience – from the moment they arrive, to the moments they stay for.

Atlas Acquisitions

Acting as the broker between the buyer and the seller of the aircraft. Atlas assists with the aircraft transaction and guides you through the purchase or sale of an aircraft. Extensive connections in the industry means we can present a wide variety of on and off market aircraft from turbo-props through to head of state jets.

Peace of Mind Aviation

The safety and security of our clients always comes first. To ensure this commitment, we’re accredited by a number of the world’s leading aviation sector organisations to their highest standards. Our accreditations include the Air Charter Association (ACA), European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), and the British Business General Aviation Association (BBGA).

And while we pride ourselves on our accreditation status, we stringently ensure compliance internally, too. With independent spot-checks and security updates, we work diligently behind-the-scenes to deliver effortless travel up-front.

“The day went very well. The pilots were very nice and very professional. I felt in very good hands. I would use them again any time. Thank you!”


“You work so hard that I had to share that the feedback has been amazing, plane/ food – they are very happy! Thank you!”


“Great. Thank you for your help. I know it is late for you so tomorrow is fine 🙂 we’re in good hands.”


“Incredible, Heathrow was amazing, I personally loved flying over Arsenal’s stadium haha.”


“The food was good, the decor was nice, I appreciated it, and the duvets!!!! Yes!!!!”


“Perfect, great flight, great plane, fantastic crew.”


“Amazing flight, very polite crew and a great experience.”


“I was really pleased with the whole trip.”


“Charter on the XLS option was excellent.”


“Excellent plane and weather, a very pleasant trip.”


“Biggest jet we’ve ever flown on! We have done a lot of travelling too! Kids loved it and one of them had a sleep on the king sized bed!”


“Everything was terrific.”


“Thank you Atlas. You are my hero. Everything was perfect.”


Sustainability Pledge

Flying privately shouldn’t cost the earth. At Atlas, we make sure it doesn’t. Using a prioritised selection method to source the newest and most environmentally efficient aircraft, we not only carbon offset all flights by 300% as standard – we do a lot more in our pledge to the planet.

While we’re furthering our commitment to tackling CO2-E emissions as part of our comprehensive offsetting programme, we also partner with our clients to offer the choice of increasing the amount they offset per flight, in addition to opting to use the latest generation of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

At Atlas, we know reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere is key to the planet’s future. We’re here to champion that change and deliver a more sustainable aviation future, for all.